A Brief History Of Mexican Talavera

Handmade pottery known as talavera is very closely associated to Mexican culture, and is often recognizable as a representation of the heritage. Including modern day movies, like Disney’s popular animation, “Coco.” Talavera pottery is named after the Spanish city of Talavera de la Reina, and has worldwide acclaim for it’s uniqueness and for its high quality, beauty and various colorful patterns.  

The pottery is traditionally handmade, and a staple of Mexican artistry. And it is the kind most sought here at El Disco Supercenter. The talavera style derives from another style of pottery called “majolica” which means “handmade from the earth,” and was first developed in Egypt. But throughout the renaissance period, people who practiced “majolica” spread across Europe and eventually adopted by Spanish artists, who then brought it to modern day Mexico. The practice of handmade pottery known as talavera is centuries old, and can be seen through clay pots illustrated with vibrant colors and patterns, making it an unmistakable beauty of Mexican tradition. Everyone who wants a little piece of Mexico in their home, will want to take home talavera pottery. 

At the store, we carry multiple vibrant pieces that represent Mexico’s most highlighted features, our animals, our traditional dress, and much more. 

Visit our page to see all of the Talavera pieces we have at the store, and be sure to visit us to take home your very own piece of Mexico!