It’s officially summer! 

El Disco Super Center is the perfect supplier for all your favorite fun summer hobbies. If you like the outdoors, we have everything you need for your garden from delightful decor to practical pots. Or, if you like to relax when you’re outside, we have comfortable chairs and tables as well as cups, glasses, and bottles for any kind of drinking (coffee, tea, and adult beverages. You can also pick up one of our colorful fashionable fans or hand-made hats to help keep you cool on a hot day. 

For the indoor types, we have excellent hand-made chairs that are perfect for reading or sitting back to watch your favorite show. Feel like redecorating your whole living space while you’re at it? It’s summer; you’ve got time! We’ve got everything you need to completely reinvent your home’s ambience, from furniture to wall hangings to throws to decorative glassware and more! 

Come on by and try out a new wardrobe or explore our shelves to find fitting pops of summer color. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for us, please let us know by going to our Contact page! Otherwise, we hope you enjoy your next trip to see us at El Disco Super Center.