About Us

These days it is rare to come across a business owner who occupies himself with the tiniest details of his products, but that dedication is what has brought El Disco Super Center owner Francisco Javier Pulido much success. What began as a record and cassette store in 1979 has now expanded to the largest curios store along the Mexican border at 50,000 square feet.


Please call the Mexico location for any pharmaceuticals and liquor.

Phone Number: 01152899370033

El Disco's distinct inventory includes everything from jewelry, saddlery, sterling silver, and ceramics to leather goods, rustic furniture, hand-made Mexican crafts and more. Francisco and his wife, Smiria, take pride in their Mexican roots and have dedicated their lives to the authenticity of their merchandise. With over 35 years of experience, they intermingle with their community and make personal visits to the artisan's homes to assure the exceptional quality of the products they sell. Through its central distribution center in Guadalajara, the family owned business has created several jobs for locals and commerce for the community.

The customer's satisfaction is a priority for Francisco and Smiria Pulido. They have traveled throughout the Mexican countryside to bring the most authentic, antique rustic furniture to its customers and they take pride in decorating some of the most famous ranches in Texas. Their prestige has been built on pushing forward day to day with innovation and creativity.

Ambition, dedication, and the support of his maternal grandfather, Francisco Serna Moreno-who is known as the "soul of the business"- allowed Francisco to expand his business and meet the needs of his customers. Today, he and his wife are taking the next step in servicing their customers by transitioning to internet sales and establishing El Disco Super Center Corporation in the United States. For those who can not travel to Mexico, El Disco Super Center has found a way to bring a beautiful little piece of Mexico to them.